Anastrozole ( Arimidex ) Tablets 1mgGENESIS
Anastrozole ( Arimidex ) Tablets 1mg*GENESIS
July 9, 2021
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Clomid *Clomiphene citrate 50mg GENESIS
July 9, 2021
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Clenbuterol ( hydrochloride ) 20 mcg*GENESIS


Clenbuterol ( hydrochloride ) 20 mcg*GENESIS

Manufacturer: GENESIS Meds
Basic substance : hydrochloride
Package : 20mcg/tab x 100tabs box
Category : ORAL steroids

Clenbuterol ( hydrochloride ) 20 mcg*GENESIS  is a selective beta-2 agonist that is used to stimulate the beta-receptors in fat and muscle tissue in the body.


Clenbuterol ( hydrochloride ) 20 mcg*GENESIS is a sympathomimetic amine, originally designed for treatment of chronic or irregular breathing disorders. Lately, Clen pills are also used as a powerful fat-burning product, increasing the metabolic activity and the body temperature, suppressing the appetite, and stimulating the Beta-2 receptors aiming at direct fat burning. People buy Clenbuterol when they want weight loss, a slim body shape, plus building and preservation of muscle mass.

Clenbuterol hydrochloride represent an anabolic compound that is well known in bodybuilding.As many other substances related to a member, it is used in medicine. This substance breathing work as assistant clenbuterol hydrochloride Especially it is used by people suffering from asthma and bronchospasm.Helps Clen on elimination from the human body of clenbuterol hydrochloride excess of fat and increase in blood pressure and oxygen transportation.Many athletes and bodybuilders like it because it modifies muscles structure and function. Those who do not like syringe will also prefer A member because it is oral compound.Being beta-2 agonist clenbuterol hydrochloride it is preferred by many sportsmen.

Clenbuterol is not a steroid agent but well combined with thyroid and steroid hormones. The main property of tablets – pronounced anti-catabolic activity. This means that the reduced amount of the protein is destroyed in muscle cells and activates lipolysis, which is valuable for athletes practicing.

The drug blocks the calcium ions are responsible for the process of digestion of proteins, and the process slows down. Therefore, in bodybuilding Clenbuterol Tablets Genesis and its analogs have earned a good reputation as a means to dry, burn fat, and you can save on weight gain after the course of anabolic steroids.

Increased lipolysis is because the fat burner increases metabolic rate by 10% to 20%. In this case, the body temperature rises a few degrees, and the body is forced to use the energy contained in the fat cells to maintain a high temperature. These processes are particularly intense when not combined with the receiving means with a synergistic effect.



Dosage :

A first time user should not exceed 40 mcg the first day. Increase by one tablet until the side effects are not tolerable.

Example of a first cycle:

Day 1: 20 mcg
Day 2: 40 mcg
Day 3: 60 mcg
Day 4: 80 mcg
Day 5: 80 mcg (Note: Increase the dose only when the side effects are tolerable)
Day 6 – Day 12: 100 mcg
Day 13: 80 mcg (Tapering is not necessary, but it helps some users get back to normal gradually)
Day 14: 60 mcg
Day 15: off
Day 16: off

Example of a second cycle:

Day 1: 60 mcg
Day 2: 80 mcg
Day 3: 80 mcg
Day 4: 100 mcg
Day 5: 100 mcg
Day 6 – Day 12: 120 mcg
Day 13: 100 mcg
Day 14: 80 mcg
Day 15: off
Day 16: off


Side Effects :

Clen is known to have some side effects, but only when taken in doses greater than ordinary or by individuals whose health condition isn’t compatible with such therapy. Side effects may include:

– Nervousness;
– Insomnia;
– Tremors of your hands.
Due to these potential side effects, you should consult a physician prior to beginning the treatment.

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