BUY JINTROPIN 10IU x 10vials (100IU) Europharm
BUY JINTROPIN 10IU x 10vials (100IU) Europharm
April 2, 2019
BUY NORDITROPIN SIMPLEXX 45IU (15mg1.5ml) Novo Nordisk
BUY NORDITROPIN SIMPLEXX 45IU (15mg/1.5ml) Novo Nordisk
April 2, 2019
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BUY EVOGENE 3.33mg (10IU x 10vials) New Edition Alley

Name: Evogene
Substance: Human growth hormone (rHGH)
Ingrediant: somatropin
Application: injectable
Manufacturer: Alley
Size: 1 pack (3.33mg/10iu)


What is EVOGENE 3.33mg (10IU x 10vials) New Edition Alley?

EVOGENE 3.33MG(10IU) is recombinant human growth hormone (GH). It is known as Somatropin, safe, with high purity, good quality and without side effects. EVOGENE 3.33MG(10IU) is used by athletes to embrace pure muscle mass and muscle growth. Many men and women use it to burn fat (weight loss) and slow down the aging process.

Benefits for bodybuilders

Except for the treatment of children and adults with reduced growth hormone production, EVOGENE 3.33MG(10IU) is used by bodybuilders and fitness competitors! They may experience the following benefits:

Increases of pure muscle mass.
Increases protein synthesis.
Increases Muscle Strength.
Increases of muscle stamina.
Reduces subcutaneous fat.
Better condition of joints and tendons.
Improved condition of the skin.
Healthier hair and nails.
Better Sleep
Best anti age product.
EVOGENE 3.33MG(10IU) is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, white lyophilized powder intended for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, after reconstitution with sterile Water for Injection ( 0,3% m-Cresol).

How is HGH released in the body

HGH is secreted into the body by pituitary-front lobe.
The release is regulated in the brain by two substances: growth hormone releasing factor and somatostatin.
They enter the pituitary gland through special blood vessels.

Growth hormone releasing factor has the function of stimulating the release, while somatostatin inhibits delivery.
Growth hormones are not produced evenly but in short periods.
The production of growth hormones takes place during exercise (stress) and about two hours after falling asleep.
During the first hours of sleep (deep sleep stages), Somatostatin is turned off and GHRF is turned on, resulting in HGH outbreaks.
As soon as Evogene Alley 3.33mg (10IU) is released, it is very short-lived, usually about half an hour.
During this half hour, it goes to the liver which will produce IGF-1 as a result.

How does HGH do its work

As mentioned above, HGH is short-lived, but the effect is still quite large, directly or indirectly.
One of the direct consequences of HGH is that it binds to a number of receptors.
In particular, the receptors in fat cells are addressed and stimulated to repel / give fat.
If there is enough stress on the muscle cells by training, hyperplasia can develop (cell division). EVOGENE 3.33mg price, EVOGENE 10iu for sale, buy hgh EVOGENE new edition online

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